Travel To Guam

Date: from 31st May early morning to 1st June midnight 2days stay at Guam.
Member: 13 friends of our company , 3 wives and 3 children.
Purpose: Sightseeing, celebrate finishing company's special business course.
Airline:All Nippon Airline
Hotel:Sun Route Hotel

my feeling about Guam

There are many japanese travellers in Guam. Workers at hotel , shop, taxi and so on can speak japanese well. We can live without speaking English. I cannot feel that I am in foreign country.

There are beautiful beaches, duty free shops , big hotels and japanese travellers. I don't like them except beaches. So I will not select Guam as a Honey moon trip. I want to go abroad and feel I am in a foreign country.

Good Experience

I shot pistols at first time.

I watch a movie STARWARS episode 1 phantom menace which have not been released yet in Japan.

I can tell my idea to natives in English.

it's so fun with my friends.


My friend lost his wallet in bus. Fortunately he can get back.

One of my friend return to Japan at the end of first day because of his father's sudden death.

My room cannot be opened with any key because the door is out of order.

My friend lost his handy phone. He cannot get back. too bad.


beautiful beach at Tumon

sunset view from Hotel Okura

Sun Route Hotel but it seems to be too beautiful

Tarofofo Waterfall. Mr. Yokoi lived in 28 years after Wolrd War II near this waterfall.

Ancient native Chamoro village

two beautiful micronesian girls. Wedding ceremony for japanese couple is held at church behind them.

Pacific ocean view from Port Soledad

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